The Stone Ledges Charitable Trust was started in 1999 by Mel Smith of Wadsworth, born in Barberton.  Mel was a civil engineer and co-owner of Smith and Stonebraker.  He was also a World War II Navy Vet.  Mel was a quiet and private person and he shared little about his personal life.  While alive, he never wanted his identity revealed as the benefactor of Stone Ledges Scholarships.


Mel was very clear on several occasions that his purpose in providing scholarships was to help students in the "hard trades" get started on an associates degree at a community college.  

Over the years, we expanded the scholarships to cover ALL programs that are part of the Four Cities Compact.  

In 2010, Mel knew that the inevitable was not far off.  He asked to meet with an attorney to set up a Foundation so that his scholarships could be awarded in perpetuity.  Mr. Smith appointed a president and trustees (at the recommendation of the President).  

Mr. Smith passed away on January 16, 2016, leaving his remaining assets to the foundation.  Because of Mel's generosity

we have now doubled our assets and therefore, the amount of scholarship money to be awarded each year.  We are very pleased to announce that we plan to award $60,000 in scholarships this year.

Scott Rader


Stone Ledges Scholarship Foundation

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